88 x 31 Button Contest for Kisuki.netPosted by Yina ♥ On 2011-04-16 ♥ Add Comments (12)
Site » News » 88 x 31 Button Contest for Kisuki.net @ Kisuki.netHey guys!

First of all I want to thank you for the feedback and comments on Kisuki's new layout and thank you for over 400 fans on facebook! ;_;

Secondly, I wanna start a link button contest for Kisuki because I suck at making them. D: I'm always impressed by all the wonderful buttons and avas you guys make. How can you create art on such a small area?!

  • Everyone can participate!
  • Button dimensions: 88 (width) x 31 (height) pixels only!
  • Images: You can choose any (NON Hentai) images you like.
  • Text on button: "Kisuki" or "Kisuki.net" must be visible. You can also add more text if you want, however "Kisuki" is the least text the button must have.

June 20th, 2011

  • 1st place: Original Anime Art wallpaper. The wallpaper will be made especially for you, based on your requests.
  • 2nd place: Original Anime Art (non wallpaper size). The drawing will be done especially for you, based on your requests.
  • All winners of the buttons which get chosen to represent Kisuki will get a link back to a website of their choice on the links page and news page.

Submit your entry along with your email and website (if you have one) to yina@kisuki.net. You can also use the contact form if you like.

I know this is a small contest but I'm still hoping to see lots of wonderful buttons from you guys! :3


Posted by Vinselle ♥ Added on 2011-06-11 ♥ Add Reply
Yipee. Looks fun!
I'll try out for the contest.
Posted by Alenas ♥ Added on 2011-04-30 ♥ Add Reply
*pats Yina* Buttons are lovable and button....ish. >_>

Oh, yeah, I'd also like to know if we can only submit one button or more?
Yina's reply (2011-04-30):
You can submit as many as you want :)
Posted by Yina ♥ Added on 2011-04-30 ♥ Add Reply
Don't make fun of my news post please ;_; I LOVE BUTTONS! > D<
Posted by Alenas ♥ Added on 2011-04-30 ♥ Add Reply
This looks like fun! Buttons! XD
Posted by Saa-chan ♥ Added on 2011-04-28 ♥ Add Reply
Yina! Just wanted to drop by and say hi~ :D I really like your layout. Button =o
Posted by Keeru ♥ Added on 2011-04-25 ♥ Add Reply
Button reminds me of Coraline, idk. /shrugs
Posted by miria ♥ Added on 2011-04-18 ♥ Add Reply
ouuuuu i'll join for sure (:
LOOL yina, i would've been more than happy to make you link buttons ^o^

how many can we submit? ;o
Posted by Maya ♥ Added on 2011-04-18 ♥ Add Reply
Nah , lets just say i had some technical difficultys they are up now if you like to check them out...

Congets on 400 fans >.> and i just might enter the contents to win buhahaha
Posted by Tsu ♥ Added on 2011-04-16 ♥ Add Reply
Button button botan botan baton baton... wha?
*hands out coffee and pours some for self*
Posted by Jay ♥ Added on 2011-04-16 ♥ Add Reply
Button button button... g'mornin ~w~/
Posted by Phoenix ♥ Added on 2011-04-16 ♥ Add Reply
Button is such a funny word to say, over and over again... XD

Sorry, just woke up and kinda loopy now. :D

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