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drowning dreamOriginal ArtTsu2011-01-27

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Posted by leandro ♥ Added on 2012-02-11 ♥ Add Reply
I need tsu contact..may I have? I want to know whether I am able and get permission to use this image as my cd cover of my heavy metal band...dont wanna do anything without permission...want his contact!
Posted by Jay ♥ Added on 2011-02-19 ♥ Add Reply
Much love for this >w< I think I said all I needed to on AP. Ohh tsuu~~!! ;__;
Posted by Nysha ♥ Added on 2011-02-05 ♥ Add Reply
OMG! Beautiful one, tsu! Set as desktop! Lovely blues and reds. It all melts together as an abstract kinda wall too. *____* If I hadn't chanced upon here, I wouldn't have known you ever made this. ;__; I bet lots of people on ap/mt would love to see this there too.
Posted by Yina ♥ Added on 2011-01-27 ♥ Add Reply
MUST SET AS DESKTOP! love the colours, awesome work my dear <3

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